Fatra and the Client

Fatra is one of the largest suppliers of single ply roofing systems in the UK. With an enviable track record involving projects from major retail and industrial complexes to small schools and housing, Fatra can be relied upon to provide reliable economic roofing.

The Fatra systems are adaptable to most roof shapes. As well as being used for new build they can also reroof a variety of existing roofs such as felt, asphalt and metal when they fail. Once installed the membrane needs no maintenance and will last over 30 years, the outlets and other items can be checked regularly using the Fatra slip-resistant walkways.

With the Fatra Quality Management System ensuring that the roofs are correctly installed by trained roofers and inspected on completion, the client can relax knowing that the roof will perform as expected. Fatra provide a range of guarantees for their roofs depending on the clients’ requirements.

The modern environment means roofs must be of the highest quality, reducing heat loss, protecting against sound transmission and often providing an extra amenity space. Fatra can achieve all these and with minimal effect on the environment. Fatra roof systems can accommodate large amounts of insulation and can incorporate sound reduction materials as required.

Many Fatra membranes have recycled content and are in turn recyclable at the end of their useful life. The Fatra systems have been assessed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for ‘Eco-points’ and also are rated as ‘A+’ in the Green Guide to Specification.


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