Fatra Roofing Systems

The Fatra roofing systems are adaptable and can solve most roofing requirements. They can be found on a wide range of building types, from domestic through industrial to educational and retail.

With mechanically fixed and bonded variants available a Fatra roof can be installed on to any suitable structural deck and provides an economic watertight finish. In many cases the roof can also be designed to give an aesthetic finish or perform other tasks such as provide a terrace, a green roof or achieve an acoustic requirement.

The adaptability of the systems means that they are also suitable to reroof many existing failed roofs, including felt, asphalt and metal. For this to take place a survey should be carried out before commencing design.

For all roofs the first step should be to contact Fatra for our extensive support to enable you to select the system that most meets your requirements.

Fatra will help you assess if the roof is suitable for a Fatra system. Including the building type and the roofs’ use, access requirements, design life, thermal and acoustic requirements all in conjunction with the structural deck type, the size of the project and its location. The finish must then be considered and if the roof is to be trafficked or used as an amenity. From this Fatra can provide a suggested specification and suggest roofing contractors suitable to carry out the works.

The standard Fatra roof types are:

Mechanically fixed

Fatra mechanically fixed roofs are typically used on structural decks formed from metal or plywood, or in high wind load areas.

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Fully adhered

When the deck is concrete, or the building has high humidity, bonding is the preferred option. It also can give a better appearance.

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Green and brown roofs

The planted finish can be varied from a sedum ‘turf’ through to landscaped areas or can be bio-diverse to encourage local flora and fauna.

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Replicating standing seam roofing

Traditional standing seam roofing can be costly and difficult to install on roofs with complex shapes. Fatra FF807 membrane on an adhered roof system provides a suitable base to install Fatra Standing Seam Profiles at centres to replicate a metal finish.

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Reroofing existing buildings

The design and selection of a roofing system to replace an existing roof is a complex task. It is important to carry out a thorough investigation of the existing roof before being able to confidently select an appropriate system. The Fatra systems can often avoid stripping and so reduce landfill, as well as minimising disruption to the buildings’ occupants.

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