Paved or Ballasted Fatra Roofing Systems

As building design evolves roofs are increasing being used as amenity areas. Fatra membranes can be used to provide a reliable, economic and environmentally friendly solution to waterproof these areas.

The basis for a Fatra paved or ballasted roof is the Fatra adhered system. The bonded layers assist the roofs' integrity and have the added advantage that the completed, insulated roof can be left without the final finish until later in the programme without risking the roof blowing away.

A Fatra Adhered Roof System uses only a third of the volume of materials of a traditional bitumen inverted roof, it also drains better, does not lose its thermal performance over time and with the reduced insulation thickness also allows lower upstand heights and so reduces cost.

The final finish can be paving, timber decking, ballast or any combination of these. In each case the relevant protection sheet is used to give extra protection to the waterproofing both during construction and in later use.


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