Fatra and Roofing Contractors

The best products in the world will fail unless they are installed correctly. For this reason Fatra invests heavily in training and supporting its selected roofing contractors. Fatra contractors have a reputation of being high quality and cost effective, able to deliver complex projects or simple domestic roofs to a high standard.

The Fatra systems are robust and simple to install. The membranes use proven PVC technology and are easy to weld, the detailing utilising preformed components for speed. The innovative FF810 mechanically fixed roof is quick to install and the FF807 bonded membranes give a range of finishes.

Fatra support starts with the fitters. These are trained in the different Fatra roofing systems, once they pass they are issued with a photo ID card to present on site and confirm they are qualified to install the system.

Training is also provided to the office staff to enable the correct systems to be selected and priced accordingly.

Site support includes on-going training, advice on detailing and defect reduction to assist the roofing contractor to deliver a quality roof first time.

The partnership between the roofing contractor and Fatra gives a quality roof time after time.

For advice on how to select a Fatra roofing contractor, or to learn how to become a Fatra contractor, please contact us.


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