Single Ply Membrane

Northcliffe, Penarth


Northcliffe Management Ltd contacted Fatra UK Ltd to carry out a survey and issue a fully comprehensive report on the condition of the existing roof covering at the Northcliffe development in Penarth, South Glamorgan.

The existing roof covering was an asphalt roof installed over a concrete slab with screed to falls. The existing asphalt roof covering for the original roof waterproofing when the building was first constructed back on the 1960’s. The asphalt roof had suffered age deterioration which had resulted in significant splits and cracks resulting in water ingress into the flats below.

Fatra’s Field Technician carried out a number of core tests and pull out tests and issued a fully detailed survey to the client recommending that the roof be overlaid with a Fatra FF810V mechanically fixed membrane system.

Acting as Principal Contractor, Fatra approved installer Jamie Burley Flat Roofing Specialists erected a full scaffold edge protection system complete with debris netting in full compliance with CDM 2017 regulations.

Due to the unique benefits of the Fatra FF810V single ply membrane system, the new roof covering was installed with minimum disruption to the residents of the occupied apartments.

Notable benefits

The existing parapet capping detail incorporated an asbestos board which the client was reluctant to remove. Fatra, in conjunction with Jamie Burley Flat Roofing Specialists, developed a unique fixing detail to secure a plywood board to the top of the existing parapet capping which enabled the single ply membrane to be dressed over the top and welded to a Fatra laminated drip metal on the outside edge providing an uninterrupted weathered finish to the complete roof structure without disturbing the existing asbestos.