In conjunction with our modular partners, roofing blankets are manufactured in offsite facilities. The membrane chosen by the client is heat welded to their required dimensions and shipped directly to their premises where it is attached to the modular roof structure, either using adhesive or mechanically fixing prior to being transported to its ultimate destination. Should the project consist of a number of separate modules that need to be connected on site, there are accessories such as tapes and membrane straps available in the range to enable the contractor to make a waterproof connection.


Modular membrane product range

The Fatra range of modular PVC membranes consists of the following blanket solution

•   Fatra FM401 Ekoplan PVC Membrane: Robust Long Term Blanket Solution

•   Fatra FM402 810V/0.89 PVC Membrane: Mid Term Blanket Solution

•   Fatra FM403 Protex Reinforced PVC Membrane: Strong Short Term Blanket Solution

•   Fatra FM404 Stafol Unreinforced PVC Membrane: Cost Effective Temporary Blanket Solution



Fatra FM401 Ekoplan PVC Membrane

A robust long term blanket solution, Ekoplan, part of the FF810 family of membranes, is a robust and durable 1.2mm thick PVC membrane that contains a polyester grid reinforcement. The membrane contains a 50% recycled content making it one of the most eco-friendly membranes available. Ekoplan carries a 20 year warranty.


Fatra FM402 810V/0.89 PVC Membrane

The mid term blanket solution, 810V/0.89 is a high performance, 0.89mm thick reinforced PVC membrane designed for roofs that require a warranty of 10 years. This membrane carries a 10 year warranty.


Fatra FM403 Protex Reinforced PVC Membrane

A short term blanket solution, Protex is highly resistant to impact damage despite being 0.55mm thick. It is reinforced with 1100 Decitex Polyester mesh, which makes it ideal when following trades are active on the roof. Protex carries a 5 year warranty.


Fatra FM404 Stafol Unreinforced PVC Membrane

The temporary blanket solution, Stafol is a high performance, 0.5mm thick, unreinforced PVC membrane designed for use as a short-term waterproofing solution, or for use on roofs which will have other buildings or cabins stacked above them. Stafol carries a 3 year warranty.


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