Design Services

National Building Specifications (NBS)

We are able to generate a project specific NBS for your chosen Fatra roofing solution. An NBS is a specification document that describes in detail the various materials, standards and workmanship of your roofing project.

Wind Load Calculations

Fatra have the capacity to calculate wind uplift loads on roofs of any height and location in the UK using our own in-house software. These calculations help us determine the required number of fixings per square meter with a factor of safety incorporated into the end results.

Drainage Calculations

Within Fatra’s technical team, we are able to run drainage calculations using in-house software. These calculations assist us in determining the appropriate design of a roof’s drainage facilities. This includes the minimum number and size of rainwater outlets required to service a particular catchment area, dependent on the roof’s location in the UK and the associated rain fall intensity figures.

Thermal & Condensation Risk Analysis Calculations

Inside Fatra’s arsenal of roof design services, we also offer project specific U-Value and condensation risk analysis calculations. These calculations help determine the required minimum insulation thickness in order to achieve the project’s specified thermal requirements and whether or not there is a risk of condensation.

AutoCAD Drawings

A full library of standard details are available for each waterproofing system. Fatra can also provide project specific design advice and drawings.

Insulation Design

Fatra work in conjunction with insulation suppliers to provide roof specific tapered insulation schemes, ensuring the correct product is specified and the most efficient solution is achieved. This takes into account factors such as target U-Value, drainage requirements and threshold restrictions.

Value Engineering

Fatra can also assist with value engineering your roofing solution; looking for opportunities to reduce unnecessary cost.

Roofing Solutions & Products

Roofing Solutions & Products

Fatra offer an extensive range of high-performance quality roofing solutions. Suitable for application on any flat roofing project, our knowledge and experience includes industrial, commercial, health, leisure, retail, education and domestic projects whether new build or refurbishment. Our solutions provide an answer to all your flat roofing requirements.

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