Your questions answered

What colours are Fatra membranes available in?

Standard colours are Dark Grey (RAL 7012) and Light Grey (RAL 7040).

Rolls of FF810 and FF807 are also available in Anthracite (RAL 7016), along with selected ancillary products.

What is the standard guarantee?

Our standard guarantee is 20 years and our BBA certificate states a durability ‘in excess of 30 years’.

What certification does Fatra membrane hold?

Fatra manufactures high quality products that have been independently tested by the leading authorities in the UK. Whether for life expectancy, environmental impact, fire resistance or quality management, in every case Fatra membranes have provided outstanding results.

Please click here for further details on our approvals & accreditations

What is the fire rating of Fatra membrane?

All of our roofing membranes have achieved at least an AC rating, which equates to a European classification of BROOF (t4). Please click here for further details on our approvals & accreditations

Can Fatra membranes be installed above existing roofs?

Fatra’s flat roof waterproofing solutions make refurbishment of existing roofs a viable option, including overlaying existing roof finishes. Please click here for further details.

How do I become an approved contractor?

Please contact Fatra to arrange a training course and discuss further details. Please click here for further details on training.

Can I install a walkway on a Fatra roof?

Fatra provide a 650mm wide reinforced membrane designed for use as a slip-resistant walkway.

FF812 Walkway membrane has a textured surface and is ideal for the demarcation of maintenance routes and should be installed in a contrasting colour to the main field area. FF812 is hot air welded to the finished Fatra roof and should not be used as a waterproofing layer in it’s own right.

How are solar panels or photovoltaic cells installed on Fatra roofs?

If the PV panels are ballasted, a loose-laid sacrificial layer of FF914 Stafol Protection Membrane is required.

If the PV system is fixed through the membrane into the substrate, the support posts can be dressed in membrane as per a standard pipe penetration detail.

There are also mounting plate systems available that are compatible with Fatra membrane, please contact us for further details.

What fall is required for my flat roof?

1 in 80 is the recommended minimum fall, but Fatra membrane can also be installed on a totally flat roof without problems from a waterproofing point of view. Ponding water may occur, but this will not affect our warranty.

Is a wind load calculation required for my Fatra roof?

A wind load calculation should be produced for every Fatra mechanically fixed roof. This will determine the centres of the FF852 PVC fixing discs & fasteners.

Fatra wind load calculations for are carried out in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 Actions on structures - Part 1-4: General actions - Wind actions and are based on project specific post codes, grid references, building dimensions and roof height from ground level.

Can Fatra provide rainwater calculations?

Fatra can provide calculations indicating the area drained by a Fatra rainwater outlet. The calculations are carried out in accordance with BS EN 12056-3:2000 and use rainfall intensity charts for the geographical location of the site in conjunction with the flow rate of the specific outlet being used.