How does it work?

Fatra regard training as an essential part of the correct selection and installation of its roofing systems.

Correctly trained employees and sub-contractors are safer, work faster, stay motivated and make fewer mistakes. For these reasons, Fatra places a great emphasis on training. These services are available to all customers of Fatra from roofing contractors and main contractors to architects and designers.

To achieve our objective of delivering defect free projects, a Fatra roof must be installed by an operative trained by a Fatra Field Technician. Once the operative has successfully completed the training course they are monitored on site to ensure that they are installing Fatra products in accordance with our specifications, details and recommendations.

The competent trained operative is issued with a Fatra Installers Card, a photo ID card with a unique operative number that registers the fact that they able to install the Fatra roof systems correctly and competently.

During the installation process a Fatra Field Technician will visit the project to carry out a detailed inspection of the work to ensure full compliance with our recommendations and details. Please refer to the Roof Inspection section for further information.

Roofing Solutions & Products

Roofing Solutions & Products

Fatra offer an extensive range of high-performance quality roofing solutions. Suitable for application on any flat roofing project, our knowledge and experience includes industrial, commercial, health, leisure, retail, education and domestic projects whether new build or refurbishment. Our solutions provide an answer to all your flat roofing requirements.

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