Refurbishment Options

Fatra’s flat roof waterproofing solutions make refurbishment of existing roofs a viable option.

Fatra Field Service Technicians will carry out a detailed survey of the existing roof covering to determine its weather integrity and its ability to function as a waterproofing system.

Additionally, the Field Service Technician will carry out a core test to establish the makeup of the existing roof waterproofing and identify and hidden issues.

Where a roof has reached the end of its serviceable life it may be necessary to remove the entire existing waterproof covering. However, it may also be possible to overlay the existing roof with a new Fatra flat roof waterproofing solution or carry out localised repairs using Fatra products.

For a detailed assessment contact Fatra to provide a roof condition survey and report on the options most suitable for each project.

Roofing Solutions & Products

Roofing Solutions & Products

Fatra offer an extensive range of high-performance quality roofing solutions. Suitable for application on any flat roofing project, our knowledge and experience includes industrial, commercial, health, leisure, retail, education and domestic projects whether new build or refurbishment. Our solutions provide an answer to all your flat roofing requirements.

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